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17日、パキスタンの首都イスラマバードで演説する野党パキスタン正義運動のイムラン・カーン党首(EPA=時事) ▼18Aug2014時事通信|市民に「不服従」呼び掛け=パキスタン野党の反政府デモ

Imran Khan Bollywood Actor b.13 Jan 1983. Khan is of Hindu Bengali descent on his father's side, and on his mother's side he is a Muslim. He is the nephew of actor Aamir Khan and director-producer Mansoor Khan, and the grandson of director and producer Nasir Hussain. Khan is regarded as one of the most popular, good-looking and stylish celebrities in India. - Rhea Khan

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Diana’s Love for Hasnat Khan—The Only One Who Would Never Betray Her

Princess Diana with her friend Jemima Khan, on a visit to young cancer patients at a hospital in Pakistan, 1997.


Imran Khan Reply To Nawaz Sharif And Ch. Nasir In National Assembly Today The Issue Of Plot