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Когато говорим за героите на технологиите и за най-значимите изобретатели, често в съзнанието ни изникват мъжки имена и приносът на нежната половинка от човечеството може да ни се изплъзне.

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Damn it

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Funny story, so my my family has had our current phone number for two years, but people still keep calling for some dude named Patrick (who, I'm assuming, was the first owner of my current house) and next time that happens I'mreally tempted to say, "No this is the Krusty Krab"!


19 People Who Use Their Wi-Fi Network Name To Troll Their Neighbors

Funny WiFi names

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Wi-Fi Network Names That Make Us Giggle

Wi-Fi Network Names That Make Us Giggle via @PureWow

Make a QR code in your house for guests to connect for wifi. (I have no idea how this works, but it seems smart!)

I need a clever WiFi Name for the new router

Wanna freak out your neighbors? Name your wifi 'FBI Surveillance Van 7.'


Somebody around here has a sense of humor