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Cleobella Azara Dress в цвете Специя Принт Икат | REVOLVE


Cleobella Azara Dress в цвете Специя Принт Икат | REVOLVE

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Vintage Uzbek Ikat patern printed fabric dress home decor antique size 57"x63"inch cotton

Double Ikat is a technique in which both warp and the weft are resist-dyed prior to stringing on the loom. Double ikat is only produced in three countries, India, Japan and Indonesia. The double ikat of Japan is a type of kasuri. It is woven in the Okinawa islands where it is called tate-yoko gasuri.[2] In Indonesia it is only made in one small Bali Aga village, Tenganan in east Bali.[3] The double ikat of India is predominantly woven in Gujarat and is called patola.


Ikat (Uzbekistan) Section of Loom Length 52” X 19” 3rd quarter 19th century Silk Ikat Warp; White Cotton Weft; Warp Faced Plain Weave. Photo courtesy of Gail Martin Gallery


Ikat nail tutorial. Watch full length video on Youtube - direct link is in my profile 📲 I decided to recreate Ikat print in nail design. It turned out to be very easy and fast. It took me 15 minutes to do design on 5 nails. All you need is 3-4 contrast colors, brush with a thin hair and that’s it! Try this simple design and you’ll see how easy and fun it is. ______________________ 🇷🇺🇷🇺 Дизайн ногтей Икат. Полную версию видео смотрите на 🚩 Принт Икат оказался…

from the book: Silks for the Sultans - Ottoman Imperial Garments from Topkapi Palace by A. Ertug and A. Kocabiyik.


Cleobella Azara Dress в цвете Специя Принт Икат | REVOLVE

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Ikat Design | find the ikat pattern reinterpreted and reinvented for any decor