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Great news for architecture buffs! From now through September, you can now access the famously closed-off lobby of the Woolworth Building. Originally, tours were only available for special events or exhibits. (We managed to get one with the Skyscraper Museum.) But in celebration of the buildings centennial, anyone can see the lobby of the National [...]


Top 10 Secrets of the Woolworth Building in NYC... We uncover 10 of the Woolworth Building's secrets, from its involvement in the Manhattan Project to its safety deposit vault.


Woolworth Building. NYC - 792ft Tallest building in the world from 1913 until 1930; tallest building built in the U.S. and the world in the 1910s.


Just 3 Tickets Left to Our Next Untapped Exclusive Woolworth Building Tour on April 12th... Untapped Cities will be offering readers the chance for intimate, hour-long tour of the normally off-limits Woolworth Building lobby in NYC on April 12th.


THE WOOLWORTH BUILDING/Broadway &Post Office(center)& Center Street with Municipal Building(1914)-&Park Row right (world tallest 1899-1908)/NY Architecture Images/-Seaport and Civic Center/ THE WOOLWORTH BUILDING /Landmark/ Tallest building in the world 1913-30/ 792 feet, 241 meters. 55-stories /Top 25 NY Buildings/ architect Cass Gilbert/ 233 Broadway /1911-1913 /Neo-Gothic, Art Deco/ Height: 792 feet, 241 meters/ Rising from a 27-storey base, with limestone and granite lower…

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New York city…how skyscrapers are built?

TALL BUILDINGS SKYSCRAPERS | ... Building was considered a leading example of tall building design

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The Woolworth Building

Woolworth Building , NYC