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Дэдпул (Deadpool) Ожидал будет нечто сродни Пипцу. Так и вышло - не велика разница. Отличие в том, что главный тут - мужик повзрослее, поздоровее, он вроде Убивашки, но с суперсилой и яйцами, а еще ему можно отпилить руку или ножом в череп потыкать. Где-то на соседнем районе базируется параллельная вселенная Икс-менов с которыми иногда по фану сходить на разборки. В общем ничего серьезного. Рейтинг не детский, фильм приличный, Дедпул стебанутый, гик-культурная осведомленность приветствуется.


Tanya Maslova scary clown face painting design


Детский череп перед потерей молочных зубов

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Child’s Skull Showing Both Baby and Adult Teeth

Hunterian Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons of England in London has this fascinating medical specimen on display that shows what a child’s skull looks like when its adult teeth are waiting in the wings. It won’t be long before those deciduous (baby) teeth are booted out.


found this on Pinterest, You Are Drunk, says filed under "things you can never unsee..." hahaha i think its interesting, childs skull before losing baby teeth


Jaws. In 1888, seven skeletons were found in a burial mound near Clearwater Minn. They were anatomically correct, except that the skulls featured double rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaws and had been buried in a sitting position, facing the lake. The foreheads were unusually low and sloping, with prominent brows.


No it's not the Nephilim or an alien. Artificial cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding is any practice of intentionally deforming the skull of a human being. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child's skull by applying force. Flat shapes, elongated ones (produced by binding between two pieces of wood), rounded ones (binding in cloth) and conical ones are among those chosen. It is typically carried out on an infant, as the skull is most pliable at this time.

Child's tooth placement before loss of 'baby' teeth.