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Купить Подвеска "Мандрагора" - бежевый, телесный, корень, мандрагора, магия, волшебство, Гарри Поттер, колдовство


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Vila - Any of a class of Slavic dryads, tree-spirits who are exclusively female. They are often vicious and cruel, and have a dire reputation; nevertheless, if one succeeds in approaching a Vila properly, she may be inclined to heal, give advice, reveal treasure, or teach magical and medicinal arts.

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Antique British Sterling Silver Glass Perfume Bottle Pendant

Antique British Sterling Silver Glass Perfume Bottle Pendant – Yourgreatfinds


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CITY WITCHES: growing magic gardens and hiding familiars in tiny lofts with strict no-pets leases, casting little spells to help them catch the train in time, to stay dry, to start the new year off with a bang. the stars may be harder to track through the smog, but they can hear the city’s heart beating under the wet pavement and neon, and it puts a new kind of power rushing through their fingertips