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Вигна – всем хороша! Вигна – разновидность спаржевой фасоли. Основные ее преимущества – дает хороший урожай, вырастает быстро, обладает приятным вкусом. Вигна не только вкусна, но еще и полезна. Обладая диетическими свойствами, она рекомендована к употреблению людям, страдающим разными формами ожирения. Вигна внешне отличается от обычной фасоли и длиной бобов, и вкусом семян. Декоративная лиана, достигающая в высоту 5 м может стать украшением любого сада. Зрелые семена растения могут…

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10 Tips for Growing Green Beans

10 Tips for Growing Green Beans - A Healthy Life For Me

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How To Grow Green Beans: 6 Tips

6 Tips on How to Plant and Grow Beans | If I had to choose one vegetable to grow, it'd be green beans. My family has passed down this particular heirloom bean for over one hundred years -- the Tarheel green pole bean. My grandparents brought it with them when they migrated to Washington state from the mountains of North Carolina in 1941. Beans are wonderful plants, providing benefits to our bodies and our garden soil. |


Growing Pinto, Navy, Kidney, Black-eyed, Garbanzo Beans Guide

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Tips for Growing Green Beans

Ready to start growing green beans? Here are some tips to get started, including what pests to protect against and diseases common to the green bean.


Place the beans in the sandwich bag with the wet paper towel and seal the bag. The beans will sprout in 3-4 days.


This is a space saver when growing beans. Above is a small space version of the bean tee pee. Your poles can be wood or bamboo. You want to use 5-6 poles that are at least 6 -7 feet tall. Make a tee pee out of them and tie them at the top. Then you will need to make notches with a knife where you will tie the string. If not the rope will slip down. You can plant a bean plant on each side of the poles (2 between each pole). When they start to grow help guide them and then the bean plant…