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Не смотря на то, что Волшебники и Маги и сами умеют перемещаться в пространстве - аппарировать, телепортироваться, летать - в ступе и на метле "Нимбус2000". Наши решили воспользоваться услугами авиакомпании МиКа и полететь в веселой компании 😉 Спасибо за подготовку к полету @magic__dolls ;-) *а тут должна быть музыка John Williams - Prologue (Harry Potter 1)* :-D 81 * 88крестиков 25 оттенков DMC, 1 бленд крест, бэкстич, французские узелки #mika__mila_katya #crossstitch #cross #stitch…


Runes are symbols with quick lettering that activate spells normally too strong for one to control easily, or made to be used as traps. Normally one writes/draws/carves the rune into wherever they're preforming magic, but a master can conjure up a rune anywhere he/she wishes using arcane magic.


#ELORCAN ahhhhh I'm dying!!! This otp just creeped up on me like a ninja!! SJMaas has done it again..


Cassian x Nesta by meabhd. A Court of Mist and Fury. ACOMAF. A Court of Wings and Ruin. ACOWAR. Sarah J Maas. Nessian


Last night I read this scene, when Rowan sees Celaena’s scars for the first time and this image appeared in my head and it went right to the top of my drawing list.


““Don’t,” the young faerie moaned. I began shaking my head. I couldn’t listen to him. I had to do it now, before he convinced me otherwise. “Please!” His voice rose to a shriek. The sound jarred me so much that I lunged. With a ragged sob, I plunged...