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Here are 10 activities to rekindle the romance after an affair.

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10 Ways to Rekindle Your Marriage

These 10 ways to build your marriage can help renew your relationship at any stage. Whether you've been feeling like your marriage is faltering or you just want to add a little spark to your marriage, try these tips to build connection with your spouse and rekindle your marriage. via @ticklingwheat


7 Ways To Rekindle Romance In Your Relationship -

All couples need a reminder of where their love began. Here are 7 ways to rekindle romance in your relationship!

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6 Ways to Stir Up Love in a Difficult Marriage

Marriage is a lot of hard work! Especially in a difficult marriage, often those "lovin' feelings" fade away! Here are 6 ways to stir up love and rekindle romance - the second part of a real and raw post about those times in marriage when we just don't feel like celebrating love, especially for Valentine's Day (or any other holiday, anniversary, etc.)

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Remarkable Ways to Rekindle a Romance

Keep things fun and spontaneous with these 10 little ways to rekindle the romance in your relationship! #relationship


I wish he understood how easy it would be if you just put a little effort into our relationship..........never hears me or listens

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How to Apply the 5 Love Languages to your Relationship

These are some GREAT tips on how to apply the five love languages in a relationship! My husband and I now know ours and this is SO HELPFUL! It's definitely improved our marriage and romance! Such an AWESOME read!

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Can You Build or Rekindle Romance with Just 36 Questions?