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Колин Фаррелл и Винс Вон сыграют главные роли в «Настоящем детективе» | THR Russia

Винс Вон говорит о «Настоящем детективе»

Vince Vaughn (Винс Вон, "Формула любви для узников брака")

Cineast: Винс Вон и Бен Стиллер встретятся в «Вышибалах 2»

Винс Вон [Vince Vaughn]

Винс Вон [Vince Vaughn]

Cineast: Винс Вон сыграет федерального маршала в несмешном фильме

Vince Vaughn in his youth


Vince Vaughn

Today's LD Person of the Day is... Vince Vaughn! As a child Vaughn knew he was struggling with dyslexia and attention problems, but tried not to let his frustration show. "You kind of act like you don’t care because it’s embarrassing to care and not do well." Now that he's older Vaughn is proud of the effort he's given and says that "If you respond in a way where it forces you to work harder, you end up developing a really good work ethic because you have to work harder."