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When you start talking about vegannism and your family gives you this look / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

When people say "I thought vegans were supposed to be thin?" but you love snacks / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganforfat

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Sadly 100% accurate. They're hopelessly brainwashed. Oh well, they'll get ugly and die about 2 decades before us. ;)


or my fav..where do you get your protein? smfh


when you see a stranger buying in the vegan section of a supermarket

I would rather eat tofu than dead bodies. Every time I see the meat section of a grocery store, I see a morgue. Just look around the produce section. Many foods that most people eat are already vegan. ~KK

so many people love to say that "plants are alive too" to make us feel bad for eating plants... plants don't have a central nervous system, they don't breath, they don't bleed, they don't have brains, no faces, and they don't poop.


I always have a small sense of dread when the topic of me being vegan comes up with a new person.