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Star Tile | Origin: Iran, probably Takht-i Sulyaman | Period: about 1270-1280 | Collection: Art Museum Council Fund (M.68.22.8) | Type: Ceramic; Architectural element, Fritware, overglaze luster-painted with turquoise and cobalt blue, 1/2 x 7 7/8 in. (1.27 x 20 cm)

Al-Jazari's Third Water-Raising Device: Analysis of its Mathematical and Mechanical Principles | Muslim Heritage


Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ - Античные украшения. Часть 2. Ожерелья Necklace of Taranto. . 380 BC. e. Greece. Gold. Length of 30.6 cm. British Museum. London


Николай Чудотворец, Мирликийский, свт.; Россия. Кострома; XVIII в.; местонахождение: Англия. Лондон. Британский музей; Местоположение: Иконостас; 23.2 x 29.4 см.


Тиара с алмазными дубовыми листьями. Англия, приблизительно 1855 год. Британский музей

Gold, Boat-shaped Earring With Figures of Nike -- Latter part of the 4th Century BCE -- Greek. British Museum


Gold enamelled mermaid pendant jewel. The gold mermaid is hollow cast, chased and enamelled, and set with twenty-four cabochon emeralds, oval or round. On the front and in the centre (corresponding with the mermaid's 'abdomen') a hinged cover lifts to reveal a large oval opening with a raised gold rim (max. w. 1.5 cm) encircled by a white-enamelled border with a strapwork motif projecting on either side. 16 - 19th C


Photo: Wooden Mummy Case gilded head, Roman Period Article: Cat Mummies at Saqqara