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Напольное покрытие Астротурф (искуственная травка) - продам. Цена 220 грн. купить Напольное покрытие Астротурф (искуственная травка). Днепропетровск, Украина. Фото

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21 (Mostly) Successful Attempts to Make Astroturf Happen

Photo via Midcentury Home Why Astroturf felt the need to make strides into the world of home decor isn't clear, exactly, but whatever the motivation, faux-grassy accents seem to be...

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27 Amazing Backyard Astro Turf Ideas

The small space between this fence has a nice piece of astroturf. This is a perfect use of astroturf. Lawn care can be particularly tricky along fences and walls, but there is no need for concern when you are dealing with astroturf.


Indoor park - Github Technology HQ 3.0, SoMa / San Francisco - Studio Hatch


Artificial grass has come a long way since the first AstroTurf carpeted the Houston Astrodome in 1966. With a drought underway in California, it's no wonder I'm noticing more homes with fake turf in my neighborhood. Or not noticing: I just learned that one neighbor (whose yard I've always admired) actually replaced her lawn with artificial turf several years ago. How did fake grass get so good at fooling us?


I have no idea what kind of party I would do this at but it is so awesome. how awesome to turn a golf course horizontal?!

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27 Amazing Backyard Astro Turf Ideas

With astroturf your patch of grass can be interesting and unique. This patch of astroturf is cut into a funky and interesting design. Real grass would eventually grow out and not stay in this arrangement.


Sunken Trampoline - worth a read before installing, love the grass covering

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27 Amazing Backyard Astro Turf Ideas

With astroturf you can create interesting design pieces with slabs and the turf. You won't have to worry about the grass overwhelming the slabs or roots cracking and breaking the concrete.