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An important crossbow with knightly coat of arms. provenance: Germany dating: last quarter of the 16th Century.


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Пневматический арбалет и другие необычные стрелометы


Spring powered Crossbow#Meine erste Armbrust

A rare Gothic crossbow, German or Swiss, late 15th century. With robust bow of so-called composite type built up from strips of horn covered with layers of sinew and the outer surfaces retaining fragments of the original decorated bark covering, retained by later cords also carrying a later iron stirrup, with pearwood long slender tiller swelling in section abo Rare arbalète gothique, Allemagne ou Suisse fin XVe siècle; avec une reconstitution


Probably the earliest dated crossbow––as well as one of the most beautiful examples of its kind––to survive from the 15th century, it is also the only crossbow of its period whose maker can be identified with reasonable certainty. The elaborate decoration consists of ivory panels carved with figures, inscriptions, and the arms of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg (1413–1480) and his third wife, Margaret of Savoy (1420–1479). The crossbow is dated around 1460.

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Арбалетчики — гроза рыцарей и всего святого. Арбалеты оставались в тени до десятого века, примерно до того времени, как началось повальное строительство замков в Европе. Вот тут арбалет показал свою грозную силу: находясь под защитой стен, арбалетчик мог спокойно заряжать свое оружие, не подставляясь под вражеские выстрелы.