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The astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon showed extreme bravery. They were trapped in space with little hope of making it home. They bravely worked together and made it home with little use of computers to guide the way. One wrong move meant they would fly right past earth and never get back. They tried anyway and returned to earth safely. The bravery of these men inspires me to believe that anything is possible no matter how desperate the situation - Carlee C. #OneBraveThing

1 | AS13-62-8923 | Apollo 13 Hasselblad image from film magazine 62/JJ - Onboard

After four days of nail-biting tension, the Apollo 13 command module Odyssey splashed down into the Pacific Ocean. Astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert had safely returned to Earth despite an explosion that took out much of their service module during their aborted trip to the Moon.

10 | AS13-62-9010 | Apollo 13 Hasselblad image from film magazine 62/JJ - Onboard

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Humanity’s move into space has been called mankind’s greatest adventure. Certainly, it can be considered one of the most dramatic and triumphant.