Totally horrible and awesome.... Zombie Cake! Mmmmm braaaaainnnnnsss! and.... frosssssting!

You have to see zombie head on Craftsy! - Looking for cake decorating project inspiration? Check out zombie head by member frostynay.

Zombie Cake

I made a Zombie cake this weekend! I had a blast making this one. The cake itself was a half sheet size. I used dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge, and frosted with silky smooth chocolate italian meringue .

DIY HALLOWEEN by truebluemeandyou • DIY Zombie Brain Cupcakes Make these all...

Learn how to frost brain cupcakes with this easy tutorial. You ca celebrate everything zombie and goolish with this all natural zombie brain cupcake recipe that contain no artificial food coloring!

How to make Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie Mouth Cupcake

Halloween lover and Instructable user SemadarG posted this tutorial for how to make your own zombie mouth cupcakes. The entirety of the mouth and gums and teeth are molded by hand out of fondant though, so if you don't.