Wolf + Corgi = This awesome dog

Wolf Corgis! It's a thing!!! A REAL THING!!!  I'm so glad to find this!  When I lived in MS, our backyard neighbor's dog kept getting out... we thought he was a German shepherd mixed with a Corgi... we called him Dog de la Fleas.  :P

Funny pictures about Wolf + Corgi = This Awesome Creature. Oh, and cool pics about Wolf + Corgi = This Awesome Creature. Also, Wolf + Corgi = This Awesome Creature photos.

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(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

Apparently this is a Swedish Vallhund. It's like a wolf-corgi! Used for herding animals.

Swedish Vallhund. I wonder if my Sammy is any relation? they have very similar builds. SUper cute!

The Swedish Vallhund dog is a small sized breed of dog and is originated in Sweden. It is considered as the rare breed nowadays and in this breed was

My first corgi would howl like this when he thought we were ignoring him.  Sooooo cute!

I As A Wolf! Omg this is exactly what our husky puppy did when we got her! It was so cute. Not so cute. Mainly loud and annoying.

Swedish Vallhund - not any relation to a husky but they kinda have that look

Here's my idea for an Apollo cabin pet: The Swedish Vallhund, I know it doesn't look like the sun, BUT 1 of Apollo's sacred animals is the wolf, and this little pup is basically a wolf corgi.

Swedish Vallhunds!

Swedish Vallhunds!

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