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60 Simple & Elegant All White Wedding Color Ideas

How to make a lighted backdrop for a wedding, party, special event, or craft fair. SO cute!

So pretty against the wall (this could be tricky, though), or tulle and white Christmas lights edging the room on the floor.

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Ideas, inspiration and recipes on what to serve at a white party. White party food ideas, recipes, photos and more.

Decor And Food Ideas For An ALL WHITE PARTY!                              …

Throw An All White Party With These Ideas For Food And Decorations

Check out the perfect winter cocktail - the White Chocolate Snowflake Martini that will have you feeling the holiday cheer in no time!

Don't be late for this very important date! And follow that white rabbit down the rabbit hole to the perfect  bridal shower for  your "mad" bride! (Because all the best people are.)  Throw her an Alice in Wonderland tea party bridal shower, because it's always tea time in Wonderland! 1) THIS WAY, THAT WAY! WHICH WAY TO…

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole to the Perfect Bridal Shower!

Tutorial: String Balls, which I love for a party in lieu of balloons or bunting. Use Pam instead of petroleum jelly to coat the balloons?

You make these by dipping yarn through a corn starch/glue mix, then wrapping it around a balloon coated with Vaseline so the glue doesn't stick. Once the yarn and glue mixer is dry, pop the balloon for this whimsical DIY lantern!

Glittery epsom salt snow in mason jars with white votives. Cluster these around other table decorations for a winter wonderland effect.    Make this weekend for resident holiday dinner

Home Decorating on a Budget: Christmas Decoration Ideas

you can put these on the table around your centerpieces. either use mason jars or another kind of jar. the mason jar is more rustic, using the epsom salt as snow though is a cute idea. easy and cheap too. rustic winter wedding idea - Epsom salts as snow

Create this whimsical display by tying weights to the end of your balloon strings + positioning them throughout the pool.

13 Breathtaking Ways to Dress Up a Pool for a Wedding

The celebration is ready to begin with these beautiful white hydrangeas, newlywed initials, and wine! Photography: Rhythm -

A Modern, Elegant Wedding with Breathtaking Toronto Skyline Views

Gold Hershey kisses. We may be able to find pink since its Valentines Day coming up. Taffy. Covered almonds or peanuts.

How to Create a Sweet (and Stunning!) Candy Buffet

Battery-operated lights in gift bags make a pretty cheap & easy decoration

13 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Party Planning 101: All White Party - I love hosting parties and this year we decided on the All White theme...check out what we did - from food to decorations, the invite and more!

Party Planning 101: All White Party

Party Planning All White Party - I love hosting parties and this year we decided on the All White theme.check out what we did - from food to decorations, the invite and more!