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Custom Ink Drawing Black & White Commissioned Artwork GREAT TATTOO Designs- Could Probably consider getting a feather with this type of design and detail

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Butterfly replacing the eye , no birds & paws , clock reading (my birthdate) both horseshoes facing up

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"Hope is the thing with feathers. It perches in the soul and sings the tunes without words and never stops at all" emily dickinson BIRD instead of heart!

Swans bond with each other for life, sharing a nest, raising newborns together and defending each other against predators. If one of them dies, lunch the other will live alone for the rest of its life. icehouse swnsboro wed

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white light flight Possible bird tattoo style // gillar vingarnas skirhet

32 Spectacular Songbird Tattoos You'll Instantly Love

32 Spectacular Songbird Tattoos You'll Instantly Love