12 Most Awesome Wheelchair Costumes

12 Most Awesome Wheelchair Costumes - wheelchair costumes, awesome costumes

Actually, this is a bit touchy :') This kid's father made him an ice cream truck wheelchair for Halloween costume.

15 Brilliant Wheelchair Costume Ideas That Beat Anything Store-Bought For Halloween

Check out these creative special needs Halloween costumes for people in wheelchairs. These wheelchair costumes are amazing.

Wheelchair Halloween. Wheelchair Costume. Trick or Treat Train.

Trick or Treat Train.

R2D2  Costume: I made this R2D2 costume so that my 6 year old son, who has cerebral palsy, would be the coolest kid in elementary school for the parade.    I am pretty

Cool R2D2 Costume

Cowboy and horse wheelchair costume  Check out your local Goodwill for all of your Halloween shopping : www.goodwillvalleys.com/shop

Halloween Costume Ideas for Canes and Wheelchairs

Submarine wheelchair costume

Last night my son's costume won Best Overall Costume at a teen dance, in the community hall at.

Amaris dressed as a prisoner  This is the scariest costume by far! Amaris has decorated her wheelchair to look like an old-fashioned electric chair, and she is the ghostly prisoner preparing to meet her fate.

Halloween costume ideas for wheelchair users - Trick Your Ride Halloween Costume Contest

Wheelchair Costumes: Nonprofit Organization Makes Halloween Truly Magical                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A nonprofit organization is going above and beyond the call of duty to make Halloween a truly magical experience for kids in wheelchairs. Magic Wheelchair aims to “put a smile on the face of every chi.

Make your own jellyfish wheelchair costume! WonderBaby.org shows you how to make this really cool jellyfish costume for kids!

Make Your Own Jellyfish Wheelchair Costume

Looking for a fun wheelchair costume idea for Halloween? How about making your own jellyfish wheelchair costume.