8. There’s one further trend that has helped the 0.1 percent take off from the 1 percent, too. The higher a household is on the income scale, the more likely it is that a big chunk of its earnings come from investments rather than wages. Managers at Wall Street firms tend to take home options and shares, for instance, and chief executives often get stock as part of their compensation packages. NYTimes

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Let me give you the definition of "RICH" and "POOR”: Poor people SPEND their money and save what's left. Rich people SAVE their money and spend what's left.   #UniquetouchincCARES #ASKuniquetouchinc #Uniquetouchinc

The definition of "rich" & "poor”: Poor people SPEND their money & save what's left. Rich people SAVE their money & spend what's left.

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Being wealthy is about feeling wealthy. Feeling wealthy is about thinking wealthy. Thinking wealthy is first of all free (hello) and second of all about spotting the treasures in life that everyone else seems to walk right past because they're out there chasing happiness instead of just being in happiness. Learn more in the #Bossbabe Netwerk (Click the link in our profile now)  Follow @bossbabealex & @millennialrichgirl  now for more inspo!

Wealth is a Mindset.Happiness is a Choice. Powell Your OFFICIAL Nutrition Geek & Expert in Health and Fitness Wholistic Health Practitioner Founder/CEO of FitBodySquad Co-Founder/COO of Techtrition "Lost & Kept it OFF!


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