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Mickey Mouse Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Boy Disney Themed Party Planning - I might actually be able to do this one but Bainbridge this is your area

Watermelon Fruit Basket Ideas | The Rustic Chic Watermelon Basket

The Rustic Chic Watermelon Basket

A staple of southern get-togethers during long hot summers is the watermelon basket. I remember them at many a shower, picnic, wedding and other festive occasions. When carved well, preferably wi…

I made this for my Titanic Party. Just carved the watermelon and used a zucchini for the smoke stack.

Will have to ask Nanna to carve us a watermelon fruit plate like this of the Titanic

cute idea also for fruit salads

Watermelon Boats for the Nautical Theme, with fresh Tropical Fruit and Swedish Fish Accents