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I just returned from Atlanta, Georgia where I was visiting family and celebrating the birth of my new cousin, Jacob Saul (Photo Credit: Laura Brett Photography).

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15 Fun Baby Shower Fruit Display Ideas

How to Make a Watermelon Baby Carriage: A Step-by-Step Guide

Watermelon baby carriage perfect for baby shower. See more fancy variations at

Here are some fun, fancy and plain variations on the watermelon baby carriage idea. These watermelon fruit baskets are perfect for baby shower parties.

Baby Shower~ WaterMelon Carriage - YouTube

Watermelon Baby Carriage is the perfect shower centerpiece (from Betsy Ciao) . My girlfriend did this for her daughters baby shower, and it was adorable!

Baby in bassinet fruit basket watermelon carving. Great idea!

Baby Shower Food Ideas - most aren't even remotely plausible for me, but thanks to Togo's i think I can do the fruit stroller/baby fruit salad! CUTE for the shower!