Chief Blue. Native Warbonnets Dreamcatcher and Arrow.

This set of high quality hand painted Native American Clipart in High Resolution. Included Feathered war bonnets, Dreamcatcher and Arrow.

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Photo listed in Portrait at Freetown. Shot taken with NIKON 88 Repics, 171 likes and 7697 views.

USA ~ Oklahoma | Headdress from the Kowa people | Eagle feather/feathers (Golden eagle), eagle feather/feathers , wool cloth, muslin, glass bead/beads, horsehair, ermine skin/fur, fur, dye/dyes, hide, sinew, thread | ca. 1880

War Bonnet Kiowa, 1890 -The National Museum of the American Indian. This is a war bonnet worn by an honored man of the Kiowa tribe, each feather representing a brave deed in battle.

Native American Black Cloud War Bonnet Headdress

Native American Black Cloud War Bonnet Headdress

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