Bessie Love --- Vintage Movie Star Photos: Silent Era Photographer Walter Frederick Seely

Bessie Love-September 1898 – April American motion picture actress who achieved prominence mainly in the silent films and early talkies.

Silent movie star Mary Pickford, 1916.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Mary Pickford, Mary Pickford was a world renowned actress born in Toronto. Films and film making was growing industry, especially in Canada. New technology created films with sound "talkies" instead of silent films.

Doris Day in her dressing room on the first day of shooting her first movie, “Romance On The High Seas”, 1948

Pictures ''Romance On The High Seas'' Doris Day in Her Film Debut: Doris Day in her Dressing Room on the First Day of shooting her First Movie 1947 at Age 23 Flowers/Card Great Photo Released

Yvonne De Carlo - better known as Lily Munster. She pretty much sets the standard...

"I was on cloud 9 all the time. After I made my hit in Salome, Universal sent me to NY so I could learn to be a proper movie star" De Carlo

Vintage Movie Star Photos: Bud Fraker, famous Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Photographer among other stars

Bud Fraker was born in 1916 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He became interested in photography and decided to go California to pursue a career.