This is a very classical look. Kate is wearing a Chanel vintage crochet dress. Paired with Chanel ballerina flats this look exudes style but yet a classic simple look!

I didn't get the name of the designer so I just called this the "Kate Moss" dress, since I've first seen it on her.

Vintage Crochet  Hippie 70s "STRIPED BORDER" Dress PDF Pattern - Summer / Beach Wear

Vintage Crochet Hippie "STRIPED BORDER" Dress PDF Pattern - Summer / Beach Wear i love the idea of making my own dresses. I could have a long dress that won't drag the ground!

vintage crochet lace dress - Something like this could be really fun to pull together from doilies gathered from thrifting.

"crochet: Vintage doily lace" Another thing that someone else should make for me! Once she finishes her king-size crocheted lace bedspread. How do people get that patient?

Free Lacy Crochet tuxedo Patterns dressy | Vintage Crochet Lace Formal Evening Dress Pattern 1950s | eBay

Vintage Crochet PATTERN to make Lace Formal Evening Dress 50s Medallion Motif S

Crochet Vintage Crochet 1950 S Lace Formal Evening Dress Pattern No I am not getting married I just like pretty things