Original comment :Viking costume My comment : love the twill cloak using selveges and that every seam is not decorated,

Dresses Pagan Wicca Witch: "Tattoo Studio by ~DarkSunTattoo, at deviantART.

Wikinger-Kleid Freya Viking Schürze Leinenkleid von NothernFox

Viking costume dress; "Freya" dress; viking apron; linen dress; natural fabric; northern clothes; viking clothes; viking dres

Felicia's gorgeous dress! It really looks lovely when it's so fitted, even though (what I've learned) they probably weren't that fitted. But it's gorgeous anyway! <3

Apron Style Dresses – Home Grown Fashion For You

This is so obvious...Why didn't I ever realize this? I usually just knot mine up....

Lotheriel's Elven Realm - luna-intheforest: ✨ clever skirt loop tieup with a strap and shawl pin