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10 Incredible Photos Of The Heroes Who Fought The Vietnam War

March 30th is "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day".

Today, April marks exactly 40 years since the largest helicopter airlift in history took place. It was designated Operation Frequent Wind.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall ... Washington, DC, USA.  The Vietnam experience influence our entire generation.

Vetnam Vets memorial

Since the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in 1982, countless offerings have been left at "The Wall" in memory of the more than fifty-eight thousand soldiers whose names are engraved on its surface. The National Park Service, which collects and preserves these mementos, loaned many of them to the Smithsonian in 1992 for an exhibition marking the memorial's tenth anniversary.

Combat boots left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D., in 1984 - how do Americans remember the fallen? How do we support our veterans? What can we see in this image that informs that discussion?