She really likes Vampire Weekend because they are very upbeat and keep her in a positive mood all day long.

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i think ur a contra, i think that you lied, don't call me a contra, til you've tried

Vampire Weekend, Contra

Contra Album Cover Girl Is Sueing Vampire Weekend at We All Want Someone To Shout For

Nobody Knows What the Future Holds by Josh LaFayette

These are lyrics from the Vampire Weekend song, “Diane Young.” I’ve embedded it below so that you can hear the song and wa.

Step. Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend<< these lyrics are so amazing, this song blows me away every time I hear it.

Vampire Weekend - Contra

Vampire Weekend - Contra

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Vampire Weekend polaroid-style photo containing all original band members

Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

"Diane Young" by Vampire Weekend. I like the whole 'Diane Young'/'Dying Young' comparison in the lyrics.