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How to Get "Sex Lines"—in Just 6 Moves

“Sex lines"—AKA that abdominal V that every woman lusts over—are one of the hardest areas to sculpt. That V-line is created where two muscles meet: the lower abs and obliques. So in order to make them pop, you need to perform specific exercises that hit both muscle groups. We asked Don Saladino,

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Here's How To Get Those V Lines On Your Abs

How to get those coveted V lines on your abs.

Weather you want to call them, v-cut abs, v shaped abs or sex lines, girls go crazy over them.


7 Tips for #Forming V-Line Abs ... → #Fitness #Waistline

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definir la V en el abdomen

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The No-Equipment Workout

Works: shoulders, abs, obliques, lower back Start in plank, hands under shoulders, feet in line with hips and pressing into wall (as shown). Hold for 1 minute. Make it easier: Lower legs, place toes on floor with feet pressed against wall. Log this workout.

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