USE FOR WRAPPING IDEA (no actual candy inside) : Candy-shaped gift wrap (chocolate bar) : cover flat and/or rectangular gift in foil, use scrapbook and/or gift paper to create wrapper >> w/ or w/out decorative ID label

Party Favors for Adults

Candy Bar Wraps Doilies and paper wraps provide color-coordinated continuity to your party. A simple "V" shape cut into each end of the sentiment strip adds easy, subtle elegance and matches the straw wraps, Cute favor idea

The V-cut isn’t only beautiful from the back

The v-shaped back is a simple yet bold and dramatic hairstyle. Check out these v-cut hair picture to get the look for long hair.

Long Hair With A V Shape Cut At The Back Women Hairstyles Layered Haircuts For Long Hair Back View

Choose an elegant waterfall hairstyle for your next event

Tell stylist: I want to maintain my Long, layered, V-shaped cut. Keep long length trim split ends quarter of an inch

love the v cut and length.not to mention she has a gorgeous body and her back dimples are pierced

Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Ponyta... - BeautyTalk

I love this! more daring and modern, check out this great V-shaped long hairstyle. This look is great for thick hair, replacing bulk with shape and movement. The dramatic point really emphasizes the length of hair and draws attention to your back.

The Best Haircut for Your Hair Texture

The V Shaped hair cut is perfect for all hair textures! Something edgier for my long, super thick hair. ( I'm Gonna Get This V~ Shape Hair Cut Done Soon!