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Sooo much no. SERIOUSLY this "layered" hair cut doesn't even blend. I refuse to cut anybodys hair with the layer look. Get a blended layered hair cut.

Love the layers, but my length is too short RN for the V. I'd want the layers to start higher.

Hair analysis: fine, long hair Hair cut: 180 degree haircut (long layers) Styling techniques:Blow out Products used: Smoothing serum Other ways to style: flat iron, curl, braids.

V shape and layers long hair

55 Lovely Long Hair Ladies With Layers , Long hairstyles with layers is something a lot of us strive for over the years. When you have long hair, you have a lot of style options to choose fro.

Exactly how it is, no more cutting it or messing with it.... Reached goal!!!  :) ;)

Beautiful long dark hair V-cut layered hair. Wish I had smooth straight hair :(

awesome Her Medium Length Cut with V Layers Is Super Flattering... by

Her Medium Length Cut with V Layers Is Super Flattering

Short -to- long layers are styled beautifully both straight and curled! These layers will add volume as well as more dimension to your color and curls by AislingH

Ombre Soft "V" Layers

I posted this clients photo from the side already but wanted to show off how beautiful the back looked! subtle ombré and layered haircut coming to a "V" shape.

My Hair Sylist would SCREAMMM!! if she saw this.  She Calls it The Dip because the Hair is Cut in a V.  I like though.  My favorite cut on long hair is the “v layer” cut. I call it the Victoria’s Secret models’ hair cut.

My favorite cut on long hair is the v layer cut. I call it the Victoria Secret models hair cut. Reminds me of when I had dark hair and extensions.

V-layered haircut - before and after, that's good stuff man

V -cut hair cut. I have my hair in a slight v-cut cut. I'll make it a bit more extreme when my hair is longer

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Basic Hair Care Tips For Straightened Hair

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12 Pretty Layered Hairstyles for Medium Hair

When your hair is too long to be a lob and too short to bob, you are in the right place then. Find Some Gorgeous medium length hairstyles for women, All are very much gorgeous for any age. Find the best medium length hairstyles for your own.