I miss Brittany Murphy

Feel Good ‘00s Movies You May Have Forgotten About

Brittany Murphy + Dakota Fanning + a piglet = a fantastic movie! Brittany wears some great outfits too!

Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls: I loved this movie, I miss Brittany Murphy, see was one of a kind...

"Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy as the mildly wild young woman who wears anything and Dakota Fanning as the severe child who glowers righteously while wearing Alice bands and uniform skirts. The two sides of girl.

Still of <a href='/name/nm0005261/?ref_=m_ttmi_mi_tt'>Brittany Murphy</a> and <a href='/name/nm0266824/?ref_=m_ttmi_mi_tt'>Dakota Fanning</a> in <a href='/title/tt0263757/?ref_=m_ttmi_mi_tt'>Uptown Girls</a> (2003)

Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning are two Uptown Girls on the way to Coney Island