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I bet you will relate as much as I did… (A life with Borderline in pictures)

I am going to share these photos because at some point in time, I have completely related to them, if not now. This isn’t a reflection of my current state of mind, in fact, I am feeling reall…

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In the story Jace had shut her out, he had stopped talking and texting her, and she felt unimportant, not only to him but to the whole world .

There's a difference between talking to me when you have time and making time…

QUOTE, Woman: 'You're the book he never reads but he keeps you on his nightstand anyways.

reading this quote I can't help to think of an old relation ship with a guy that I thought I loved, thanks God we quit.

Best Ever 45 Quotes About Feelings

Silent treatment from the narcissist. Once they sever the connection w you, it's ok if they forget you. If they can erase you that easily, they never were the person who deserved you. Moving on after narcissistic discard.

There's such thing as good karma

25 reasons women make emotional decisions I try to make people feel wanted because i know what its like to not feel loved and wanted.

Why must the changes in life hurt? I understand that it is necessary but why must it kill me every time.

Be kind and gentle to yourself. Give yourself a break. Feel hard and be grateful for those feelings, embrace them. Then try and laugh :)

But someone very important does and I've ruined everything.... I... I'm sorry...

With the right therapy for depression, PTSD, BPD, or anything you can learn to love yourself. And it's a wonderful feeling! Penny Hollick, Author My Naked Face

Leaving me was okay. People leave me all the time, I’m used to it.

"Leaving me was okay. People leave me all the time, I’m used to it. What hurts like hell is when you made me feel so damn special yesterday and then make me feel so unwanted today.

"Nothing hurts you more than the feeling of being 'unwanted'." . . @patrick.noack @sahelichak91 .  #thelatestquote #quotes

"Nothing hurts you more than the feeling of being 'unwanted'." . . @patrick.noack @sahelichak91 . #thelatestquote #quotes

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only few people knew the inside issues going on and that one was my best friend, she did her part to not intervene and she always stuck by my side and never told anyone else about it.