Ideal tv placement. Height should be at eye level from viewing position

TV sizes and viewing distance

Good to know-Ideal tv placement. Height should be at eye level from viewing position

Built-ins flanking fireplace - Wonder how expensive to have built ins installed?

Family Room: Fireplace & TV & Built-in Shelving

I love this-- the set up of the bookshelves, the tv shelf, and the fireplace/mantel. I also like the color of the fireplace wall and the furniture arrangement.

decorating around a tv in bedroom

Love the carpet colour & the drawers! Memorial Transitional - Gray cabinet, old fashioned chairs and pillows, framed photos

Hello! How are you today?! I have to say, Ive really taken to working from home. After 12 years...

How to Keep a TV from Standing Out Like a Sore Thumb

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That wooden sideboard below the television + gallery wall around the TV!! Click through to see more of this lovely room!

Our Family Room

Fake or real plants for your home decor

Signing off on a rental home sight-unseen is a gamble. Rarely is it going to have everything on the 'must-have' list. Arielle Vey and her boyfriend Bennett were living in a Oceanside, CA apartment just steps from the beach when they received a notic