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The Seer- Alex Grey ‘… The seer is the soul of the artist, magus through ages untold, Transmitting the lead of the matter into bullets of spiritual gold. The ego picks up the weapon of art, childlike,.

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I enjoy Tool because it's a spiritual rock/metal band. It's sort of like Pink Floyd but way heavier - Kendra

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I've never been more excited for a concert in my life. Tool at the BOK Center.

Anyone who likes Tool, is AT LEAST cool enough in my book...possibly future husband material. Don't like Tool? We're not friends, and have no reason to speak :) Have a nice day.

Anyone who likes Tool, is AT LEAST cool enough in my book.possibly future husband material.

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Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence Difficult to see you in this light…

"Fourty Six & 2.... Just ahead of me" No picture Some kind of shadowing needed though...

"See my shadow changing Stretching up and over me, soften this old armor Hoping I can clear the way by stepping through my shadow Coming out the other side step into the shadow Forty six and two just ahead of me" Forty six & 2

Tool...................................great band

great band ok not an album cover but I think you get the message, Harry Manback