TOM BRADY from the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-Brady’s 20 playoff wins are the most by a quarterback in league history. His .714 win percentage is the highest of quarterbacks with at least 20 playoff starts. In those games, Brady has passed for a total of 7,017 yards, 49 touchdowns and 24 interceptions.

This is a Picture of Tom Brady Nate's favorite football player. Tom Brady plays the same position at Nate but only on a higher level. Tom Brady is Nate's biggest role model through out the book.

MICHIGAN: TOM BRADY    While he plays for the New England Patriots and was born in California, Brady honed his athletic prowess as a quarterback for the University of Michigan, shepherding the Wolverines to victory in the Citrus Bowl and the Orange Bowl in the late 1990s.

Gallery of Fame: ‘Look at Me!’ Art Work – Vol. 74 No. 12

Tom Tom but rooting for Seattle - A BELEZA QUE A GISELE, DESCOBRIU PRIMEIRO...RS!!!

As most of you already know, The Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday! Not only was it an incredible game but I was so proud that my hometown team took the trophy! In honor of that here is a post showcasing 5 lovely photos of the handsome Tom Brady!

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Dude should be the face of Gain I mean he just symbolizes greatness. (Ya im from Boston so I had to find a way to put the GOAT on my Board!

Tom Brady Stars in 2015 TAG Heuer Campaign  Here is looking at ya!  ;) wink wink ;)

Tom Brady Stars in 2015 TAG Heuer Campaign