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Tokyo Mew Mew! I like the look of this series, reminds me of sailor moon :) I think the characters are all really adorable looking too, and the general art style is lovely :D so I wanna watch it soon :3


Mew Mew Power, I think i actually cried when they stopped dubbing these in english

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Tokyo Mew Mew Bell Choker

Tokyo Mew Mew chocker worn by Ichigo/Zoey. As a kid, I always wanted one. $7.00, via Etsy.

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TOKYO MEW MEW Strawberry Bell Upgraded Necklace (Pre-Order)

TOKYO MEW MEW Strawberry Bell Upgraded Necklace by ShoujoShop

Piyo (Pixiv8426918), Tokyo Mew Mew, Momomiya Ichigo, Mew Ichigo, Puffy Sleeves, Red Footwea

fanplusfriend - Tokyo Mew Mew Cosplay Mew Ichigo Momomiya Costume Outfit, $185.00 (


☆ tokyo mew mew ☆ wow I haven't seen this anime in forever. So girly and fun.


Tokyo Mew Mew Settei (Model Sheet)Mew Marks (left to right: Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro)

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FUSE Lenses for Tom Ford David TF26 (57mm) Gradient Blue Tint

SEGA Tokyo Mew Mew Collection figure Complete Set of 5 New