Fall Tissue Paper Tree                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Use your pencil to make the leaves for this Fall Tissue Paper Tree. It gives the tissue paper depth and is less messy and quicker than rolling in a ball an

Totally Twisted Trees - totally need to try this one! Love the 3D effect!!! Sounds easy: brown paper towels, tissue paper & glue!

twisted paper tree - I'm thinking bulliten board - add fall colored hands that students have written on - use with Leaves Book

Tissue Paper Trees. Lesson activity - stained glass windows / 99NamesAllah / make pictures out of news items.

Collage Trees - tissue paper background, black sugar paper trees and leaves and flowers in coloured paper embellished with glitter.

Tissue paper background with tree silhouette. Fun, colorful, easy.

Tissue paper background with tree silhouette. Would make a interesting card background

paper tissue xmas tree

Stained glass trees- Stick small pieces of tissue paper into card. Cut out tree shapes (which can be drawn on the back). Hang trees as decorations, or stick them on a picture- e. do a watercolour background before sticking the trees on.