When Japanese chin Lulu met Saint Bernard Blizzard for the first time, she immediately adopted him as a parent ‘‘because she was too young to be on her own. ‘‘Her favourite place was on his back when he was laying down and over time she got comfortable in this position. When he stood up, she would jump around constantly to get on his back where she felt the most comfortable,’’ the dogs’ owner, David Mazzarella told Metro.

Tiny Dog Uses Giant Saint Bernard As A Vehicle Wherever He Goes

A tiny papillon rides atop her St Bernard brother almost everywhere they go.

Wth is that big slug doin in the house & on the hard wood floors??? Lmbo... cutest little puppy though

either that is a realllly tiny dog. or a reallllly big snail (i'm hoping it's the tiny dog)

Tiny Dog - yorksire terrier.....that's my buttercup, n Bailey!!

I’ll be honest. This picture gives me more of a Toddlers-&-Tiaras vibe than the kind of cute I expect from a pup. Would you want one of these? (via Happy Things)