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Our household runs on a few key staple foods that we make from scratch each week with local ingredients and wild fermentation - here's how to make them all!

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Tíbicos o kefir de agua y su impacto en tu salud…

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Make water kefir, easy. All it takes is water kefir grains (which multiply), spring water, sugar, and molasses. Probiotics galore! PS But don't use raw sugar. Since posting this, I found out- it'll kill the grains! (Mysterious, but true...)

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Kefir de agua - Tibicos Beneficios

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34 Water Kefir Recipes You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

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Homemade Probiotic Canteloupe Soda | An end of summer treat for the whole family | Fermenters who love water kefir (tibicos), it's time to put a melon in it! | Easy, probiotic, flavorful fermentation at its best! | Recipe on |

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Water Kefir {flavors} - a cultured drink that is easy to make and fun to customize with various flavors!

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Water Kefir (Tibicos)

Make refreshing and super healthy homemade water kefir (aka tibicos) with this simple, versatile recipe. Infinite flavor combinations!

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Ginger Water Kefir Kit

In just a few minutes each day you can prepare a sweet, fermented drink that will tickle your taste buds and make your gut happy. This kits includes our heirloom Water Kefir Grains that will last forever (with the right care) plus flavorings and supplies for bottling your water kefir. Just add kitchen staples.

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