back in the day (I actually miss these, now there is no reason to be unreachable--because you carry your phone on you. But back then you could escape for a while and always use the excuse that you "couldn't get to a phone.")

The old phone booth. I always checked the coin return slots! I think the earliest charge I remember is 10 cents. It was 10 cents for a real long time! The next charge that stuck for a long time was 25 cents. It was 25 cents for forever!

Red Public Phone Boxes - Covent Garden, London, England - Thursday September Thirteenth 2007, via Flickr.@

Red Public Phone Boxes - Covent Garden, London, England - they are on every street

London Phone Booth Art Prints by Luis Infante - Shop Canvas and Framed Wall Art Prints at

"London Phone Booth" by Luis Infante: The design features a fun mix between Architecture and Graphic Design. A whimsical take on the city of London. The red telephone booth is a landmark of London.

I've always wanted one of these, and it being green is the icing on the cake!

This Kelly green traditional phone box blends perfectly in with the British countryside.