Phones Life.........u can't even FIND a "Pay Phone" if your cell is dead & u need a phone sorry but nowadays you r SOL!

Now days our society has enjoyed the benefits of having modern technology.We are blessed with modern tools, which could perform to what seemed to be an impossible task in the past like retrieving information in a matter of seconds!

They Think I’m A Computer Wizard

They Think I’m A Computer Wizard

Funny pictures about Computer Wizard. Oh, and cool pics about Computer Wizard. Also, Computer Wizard photos.

Apple Humor | And then the teacher said you may take some notes! From Funny Technology - Google+

One of the issues with being a technology friendly school is that students take advantage and no longer want to practice important skills like note taking. I experience this in my classroom everyday.

Keep Calm and Out of office sign for helpdesk techs

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Information Technology Humor | 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures: Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux

Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux: 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures

From the excellent Sticky Comics, the perspectives of Linux, Windows, and Mac users on computer updates. (via Sticky Comics) Related