How to Make Your Door Swing! - I had a plan all along for the antique door I restored, and it included making a swinging door from our kitchen into the hallway.…

How to Make Your Door Swing!

Do you have a need for a swinging door in your home? The door project began with an antique door that needed a lot of work. Read here about the Antique Door Transformation:…

swinging door between kitchen and dining room - Great Aunt Helen had one at her house and I have wanted one since I was little. Plus it keeps people from seeing my kitchen (and cooktop) from the formal dining room when I am being fancy!

swinging interior door between mud room and art room with glass on top like our master bathroom

french country half swing door to separate  the dining room from the kitchen.

french country half swinging doors to close off laundry room that's right off the hallway to the kitchen. Love these old doors, they remind me of my childhood.

LLLOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE. Can't wait to some day have such an awesome home that will be ours ;)

Rustic pantry door - swinging doors with antique hardware. Love the interior stone and wood ceiling. Land's End Development

Would look great in an kitchen entry way. Keep the kitchen mess hidden when have a formal dinner.

Swinging Cafe Doors installed in customer's houses. These are actual customer photo of install Swinging Cafe

A great way to create privacy in a #bathroom #Remodel without blocking all the light.  Saloon Doors #Design by John Webb Construction in Portland Oregon

These saloon doors remind me of my grandmothers kitchen and are another favorite I would love to include in the skoolie I want to build - Design by John Webb Construction in Portland Oregon

grey swinging door

what about if we used the door that I want to get rid of and repurpose it for the pantry or laundry room. IDK butler's pantry/laundry room door with porthole window