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Nice looking inked swallow on feet. Swallow back is full inked and the body is hollow with some ornaments. The swallow is symbolic of hope, fertility and renewal of life.

Tattoos colorés et originaux

Tattoos colorés et originaux

Une petite hirondelle dans le creux de mon épaule, un micro tatouage délicat qu'on adore !

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swallows always return to the same place every year (they always come home). They are also one of the few animals that mate for life. i want this on my foot as

I want these but on my shoulder/collar bone area

Swallow Tattoos And Meanings-Swallow Tattoo Ideas And Designs

these are my daughters tattooed feet. i read somewhere that the symbolism behind this is that the swallows will always bring her home.

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75 Sweet and Meaningful Swallow Tattoos

Bird tattoos may very well be the modern equivalent of rose tattoos on the ankle of the From tiny black outlined trios on the wrist, to swallows gracing a young lady’s back, these tatts are quite popular and come in many different varieties.

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tiny swallow tattoo ... without the words and in color.

Since swallows were supposed to return to their homeland at the end of each year, sailors used to put swallow tattoos to show their love for their country. The swallow tattoo shows that they were inseparable from their land and their loved ones.