Tribal Sun Tattoos Are In Most Cases Relegated As Spiritual Tattoos. Tribal Sun Tattoo Mostly Preferred Design By Tattoo Lovers Health.

Klika Design: Creativebug Drawing Challenge with Lisa Congdon Day 29: sun

Klika Design: Creativebug Drawing Challenge with Lisa Congdon Day sun - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponWe know colors are here to stay whether it is in photography or television or even body arts like tattoos, but one cannot deny the intense classic appeal of black and white. There is something so touchingly evocative and striking about black and white that one cannot ignore it even if one wants to. We can’t really say why this is so, though we are sure that each of you out there has their own reasons for liking black and white as do we…

Bedazzling And Beautiful World Of Black And White Art

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled I love tangled and rascals definitely my favorite!

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled.I love tangled and pascal's definitely my favorite!< this is one of the most beautiful tangled drawings I've ever seen.

Beautiful drawing of Sun & Moon

I’ve always loved the sort of impossible, tragic love of the sun and the moon. They see each other but in passing, for a few fading moments, sharing time in the same sky, but never with each other.