Regalsystem Wohnzimmer: Individueller Stauraum |

Regalsystem Wohnzimmer: Individueller Stauraum

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Store books with spines facing outwards. Great colour contrast, particularly for older, yellowed books.

String pocket styling by Lotta Agaton’s class

String pocket styling by Lotta Agaton's class

When teaching set design at Beckmans College of design in Stockholm, String Furniture's set designer Lotta Agaton gave her students the assignment to style a String Pocket. This is the work of Maria Ordenes.

Cozy office space - via Coco Lapine Design, photography by Janne Olander for Stadshem

If you are a book lover and have books here and there, it’s time to organize them. Decorate with books and create an inspiring interior.

Scandi Style is loved by people all around the world.  See my post to find out what I consider to be the 5 key elements of Scandi style and see how you can achieve this look in your home.

5 key elements of Scandi Style