Street lights

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Crepuscule in Paris.

Paris street lights "Winter Evening, Montmartre" by GeorgianaLane. ///// lights in the lamps light up the dark streets but also lead to something.

" Quand il allume son réverbère, c'est comme s'il faisait naître une étoile de plus, ou une fleur." ( Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Le Petit Prince. )

agoodthinghappened: From

The pattern the lights are making down the road is a really cool effect. I also like that the moon is close to the color of the streetlights. The gradient of light to dark from the sky to the ground is nice contrast

Street Lamp, Prague, Czech Republic (photo by WilsonAxpe)

Street Lamp, Prague, Czech Republic (photo by WilsonAxpe) Near where Kevin proposed to me!

Colors on the street

I appreciate the photographer's appreciation of the underappreciated.

Love The Reflection Of Colourful Lights On The Wet Stonework! Rainy Night, Barcelona, Spain photo by Jordi Meneses S