Real Techniques Brush Collection: Found at Ulta or online. These brushes are pretty amazing and they are especially wonderful to use at their inexpensive price point! Pro quality every time. |

Review + Comparison: Real Techniques Brush Collection

Christmas for Lex Real Techniques brushes by Sam & Nic Chapman. The best makeup brushes there are.I am gonna build up a real techniques brush collection, bought my first one the other week

Check out this foundation brush master class. It has great tips that you can use.


Foundation Brush Master Class from The Beauty Department - shows what brush to use for each type of coverage and gives tip on applying

ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush $3

E.L.F. Studio Small Stipple Brush Review

great for stippling on foundation (liquid, cream, mineral), cream blush/bronzer and cream/liquid highlighters

elf studio brushes. Decided to try some new brushes and compared to my high end brushes, these are pretty great!! Highly recommend!!

I love their all black brush collection. My faves are the stippling brush, for blending out cream contour, and the small tapered brush, for setting my undereye concealer.

The 8 makeup brushes you need. This is very true!!! I recommend these to ALL OF my clients. If you have to invest slowly start with the face brushes!!

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Makeup Brushes

Brushology: A Guide to Makeup Brushes  [by Alight -- via #tipsographic]. More at

Brushology: A Guide to Makeup Brushes

28 Makeup Charts That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier: First up, your guide to every brush in the biz.

Makeup Brushes on a Budget ... love love the real techniques and elf fan brush

Makeup Brush 101: 20 Tips and Tricks On How To Clean and Use Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes on a love the real techniques and elf fan brush- I use the real technique brush for contouring.