"Fabulous" life  () & still so worried about little old me? Hmmm... #Iamprettyamazing #Igetit

Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you you’re worried about what I’m doing. Ok, it's both but damn if it ain't it the truth!

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Isn't this the truth. Oh how people can talk sh!t but yet they never confront.  My Posts - #Quotes

Many people in my life have been some of the things described & I saved the pin because it perfectly described what happened then or what may be going on now. So its very likely that it's not about you, but if the shoe fits.

Got more than one salty stalking bitch worried 'bout Us..dumb bitches say they don't need or care for us yet they be worried about OUR life..Get over the fact HE choosed Me and we happier than ever...stalking Hoes! keep watching us..ya'll will never get nothing out of it but misery ..we'll make it worth your while so you can burn of rage and anger.. #KARMA BABY!

Got more than one salty stalking bitch worried 'bout Us.dumb bitches say they…

Bet you don't say shit!!!  you're a silent stalker  that's what punks do.

I know you've been stalking me cause you finally unblocked me. To be honest, I was waiting for that moment every day to catch you, so I could block you myself and protect mine and my husband's family from your obsessions with my husband

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Oh my gosh soooo true! Or relatives hahah

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: It's still stalking when you get your friends to do it.

Yesss stop reading in to everything you see!!! You'll never know what's going on if you don't know me personally

I agree with some quotes in a general way but I'm not trying to get any passive/aggressive message across to anyone. Why would anyone not in my immediate family or not my close friend be looking through all my likable quotes anyway?